Acetic Acid

Description & Physical Properties

Description Physical Property
Appearance Colorless liquid, having a pungent characteristic odor
Molecular Weight 60.05
Boiling Point 118 - 119 �C
Specific Gravity 1.049

Product Specification

Parameters Unit Specification
Purity by Freezing point %w/w 99.5 Min
Moisture content %w/w 0.25 Max
Iron (as Fe) ppm 1.0 Max
Chloride (as Cl) ppm 1

Product Application

  • Textile industries : Acetic Acid is used in textile industries for textile processing and printing.
  • Chemicals : Acetic Anhydride, Monochloro Acetic Acid, Vinyl Acetate Monomer(VAM), Acetates, etc


  • 30 kg standard HDPE drum & Bulk in Tanker

Classification and Safety Information

  • CAS NO : 64-19-7
  • UN NO : 2789
  • IMCO CODE : 8

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Davy Process(Formerly BUSS AG), Switzerland - for Aluminium Fluoride (Know-how and equipment)
CHENCO,Germany - for Hydrofluoric Acid (Know-how and equipment)
Grasim Industries Limited - for Sulphuric Acid / Oleum (Design and Erection)