Boron Triflouride Etherate Complex

Description & Physical Properties

Description Physical Property
Appearance Color Less Fuming Liquid
Molecular Weight 141.93
Boiling Point 126.9 °C
Specific Gravity 1.128

Product Specification

Property Specification
BF3 Content 47.00 % Min
Moisture Content 0.30 % Max
Sulphur Di Oxide (SO2) 0.10 % Max
Sulphur Tri Oxide (SO3) 0.05 % Max

Product Application

  • BF3 etherate is used as a Lewis Acid catalyst to manufacture chemical intermediates, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, fragrances, and related products.
  • Some of the more common chemical reactions using BF3 etherate are listed below. This product is not for food use.


  • Polymerization catalyst for:
    1. Preparing oxymethylene copolymers
    2. Radical polymerization withstyrene
    3. Alpha-olefin oligomerization
  • Catalyst for the alkylation of allylic alcohols and phenols
  • Isomerization catalyst for the preparation of indole derivatives and diterpenes Generally, BF3 diethyl complex can be used in reactions where:
    1. BF3 is a catalyst.
    2. Diethyl ether is not detrimental to the systems involved.


  • 30 kgs HDPE can
  • 200 kgs composite drum

Classification and Safety Information

  • CAS NO : 109-63-7
  • UN NO : 2604

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