TANFAC was certified to Quality Management Standards ,ISO-9002 ,early as 1994. It was one among four international Fluoride manufacturing companies to obtain such certification.

Largest producers of Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid and Aluminium Fluoride in India.

Market Leader in AlF3 and HF in Domestic market.

First Fluorine Chemical Company in India and Fifth in the world to get ISO 9002 certification in early 1994 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 revision in the year 2003.

First Fluorine Chemical Manufacturing Company in India to achieve ISO 14001:1996.

Implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) with the help of JIPM(Japanese Institute of Production Management), Japan, for delivering quality products manufactured in conditions that make optimum use of People, Resources and Materials.

Received consistent safety awards from the Government for the standards and practices maintained at our plant.

One of the 15 signatory members to Responsible Care from India.

Received an A1+ credit rating by Investor guidance body ICRA.

Earned a reputation in Tamil Nadu as a 'Good Corporate Citizen' for their forward looking policies and maintenance of all round greenery with zero pollution and zero accidents.

Maintaining continuous and steady growth in terms of production capacity and sales.

A dividend paying company with the interests of shareholders as the prime focus.